Applied Recruitment Techniques

In 1987 having over 10 years of recruitment and advertising industry experience under my belt, and with some excellent retail clients such as Tie Rack, Harrods, House of Fraser and Tesco Stores I started Professional Search and Training. This was one of the first recruitment operations to be set up within a Software House – the company being Systems Software International, the UK office of a Dublin based parent. The people I worked with gave me a greater in-depth understanding of Retail Technology than I could have gained anywhere else and the company grew from about 5 to 20+ very rapidly. I also worked with all of the SSIL clients, and potential clients, to provide technical recruitment expertise and spent time with Thorntons, BP, Circle K, and many others.

18 months later I was invited to join Retail Information Systems (as a Systems Salesman) by the ex-MD of SSIL and jumped at the chance.  I learnt about positioning and selling Retail Software like Merchant 38, SFR, and about EPoS and polling (Forbouys pilot project) and about the general hardware needs of major retailers (VAX to Allders and an RS6000 to Gucci).

In 1991 I joined APT (which became NSB and is now part of BT Engage) and was lucky enough to manage the original product launch for Decartien (from a marketing and launch presentation point – not a technical one!) and was then allowed to travel the UK talking to Retailers of all types (Upton & Southern before the Reject Shop takeover). Some of them bought systems and some of them joined the User Group that I set up, but all of them taught me more about Retail and about the different priorities that each sector created.

Retail has developed whole new strategies over the last ten years.. and so have we, so call us NOW to discuss how we can help you.